The District Sangrur Administration feels that no society or state can bring any substantial change in behaviour of its subjects by taking rigorous or stringent steps alone. For lasting changes, there is a need for concerted efforts, a team work where state does not act only as an authority but as a mentor. With this holistic objective in mind, we have embarked on a new journey. We believe in soliciting the support of all segments of civil society and all stakeholders to encounter the emerging challenges. Having made tangible leaps in flagship projects of Government of Punjab like "DAPO" and "Tandrust Punjab", now we are planning to organise "Sangrur Half Marathon" in order to have a wider reach to all stakeholders.

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The success of Sangrur Cyclothon speaks volumes about our success in attracting youth towards more constructive programmes so that our youth may not only realise the value of health but also make it their topmost priority. It is only a healthy youth which can make a healthy and prosperous nation. Such efforts like "Sangrur Half Marathon" are designed to draw the attention of larger society to imbibe physical exercise as indispensable part of one's life. We hope that the upcoming event will be highly instrumental in bringing all of us together and fight for the real cause together. We are sure these efforts will prove in reducing the disease burden of our nation and make society immune from drug abuse and take on a leap towards healthy living. Let's empower our youth, physically and mentally, to empower our society as a whole.