First-time runner or an experienced marathoner – training before getting to the starting line is something that should not be missed by anyone. Here are some simple guidelines to follow as you begin training for the big day.

Prepping Up

Make sure you have the basic equipment needed when you prepare for the run, properly fitting running shoes being the must.

You are going to wear them for a really long time, so one thing that needs to be checked is that they should feel like there aren’t there. They should not rub, pinch or bother you at all.

Train a little bit to see what exactly do you need in clothing and accessories. Save on the unwanted expenses and go for what makes you feel more comfortable because that is what will keep you going in the long run.

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Pre-Run Nutrition

Running does not allow you to gulp down just anything. You should keep your diet healthy and nutritious so that your body runs at its best. Take in good amounts of Carbohydrates and Proteins as they are essential for maintaining energy and building muscle. Also, keep yourself well hydrated to prevent cramps and dehydration. It becomes crucial to know how to eat and drink while on the run as the body loses calories.

A carbohydrate-based snack can be consumed to replace the valuable glycogen stores. Also, an electrolyte drink will keep you hydrated better than water alone. All these food tests need to be done in the training sessions as it won’t be advisable to try something new on the race day itself.

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Go at your pace

A marathon is not a sprint. You need to be well aware of the pace you need to go on in the entire run. To cover a longer distance, you require strong lungs and muscles. Training sessions become important in this case wherein you need to incorporate rest days and cross training. Do not ignore your body. Though aches and pains are normal in endurance training, anything serious and persistent should not be ignored. Don’t be hesitant in getting professional medical advice to properly diagnose any conditions.

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Meet New People

Go out and look for local running clubs and shops to get in touch with others who you share the same fitness goals with. Find someone you can pound the pavement with. Running groups have lots of runners who can help you gain insightful information and running experiences.

For many, it gets easier to stick to the running routine if they have somebody to accompany them. Having a friend waiting to share those early morning training sessions with makes it much more difficult to cancel the program than if you plan to go out alone.

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Enjoy the Run

Be proud of what you are doing and contributing to. You are helping the authorities fight the most dangerous menace that prevails in Punjab. Do not forget to feel the satisfaction of fighting against this evil and promoting the development of sports and fitness in the Punjab region. Consider this as your prized accomplishment and relish every moment of the journey we have undertaken.

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